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Welcome to San Jose Bachata Nights
We offer Bachata Classes, Bachata Dance Events, and Bachata Dance Teams.


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All events are 18+ to enter.

No smoking indoors.

Please bring a valid form of ID.

Bachata Thursdays - every Thursday night

Location: On One Studios, 422 N. Capitol Ave. San Jose, CA 95133
     Bachata Class         9:15 pm - 10:15 pm
     Bachata Dancing    10:15 pm - 12:30 am

Tickets available through Eventbrite (plus additional fee), Venmo, or cash at the door.

     Class + Social Dance Pre-paid:        $20 
     Class + Social Dance At the door:   $25 
     Social Dance Only: $10








San Jose Bachata Nights - every Saturday night

Location: On One Studios, 422 N. Capitol Ave. San Jose, CA 95133

     Bachata Class         9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

     Bachata Dancing    10:00 pm - 1:00 am

Tickets available through Eventbrite (plus additional fee), Venmo, or cash at the door.

     Pre-paid:      $20
     At the door: $25 



San Jose Bachata Nights Dance Team - every Sunday

Location: On One Studios, 422 N. Capitol Ave. San Jose, CA 95133
     Bachata Dance Team Training  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
     Includes access to all weekly and monthly events & classes (see above)


Private Bachata Dance Lessons - Monday through Sunday

Location: On One Studios, 422 N. Capitol Ave. San Jose, CA 95133
     Bachata Private Lessons:  10 am - 10 pm Monday through Sunday

$100 Per Private Lesson (includes studio rental fee)






Spartan SGX

Welcome to our vibrant bachata community!

San Jose Bachata Nights Community Event

Welcome to our vibrant bachata community where inclusivity is our foundation and building connections is our passion. At our heart, we are committed to providing high-quality Bachata dance instruction that not only hones your dancing skills but also nurtures your personal growth. Our mission is clear: we exist to help you build unshakable confidence, experience breakthroughs in self-esteem, and liberate your true expression through dance.

We take pride in offering high-performance bachata dance training that pushes boundaries while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. Our approach is grounded in humility and approachability. No matter your background or experience level, we welcome you with open arms and ensure that you feel valued and accepted in our community.


Our commitment is to guide you on a transformative journey where dance becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-expression. We encourage you to develop your unique style, breaking free from limitations and embracing your individuality. Together, we celebrate diversity and encourage each other to grow as dancers and as individuals.


Join us on this incredible adventure of dance, friendship, and growth. Discover the beauty of inclusion, the strength of community, and the joy of dance that goes beyond the physical steps.


Together, we'll create an environment where breakthroughs are celebrated, dreams are realized, and everyone can shine brightly.


Let's dance with passion and embrace each other with open hearts. Together, we will unleash the true potential within you and create lasting memories on the dance floor and beyond.

Do you find yourself asking where are bachata classes near me? Or, do you have questions about upcoming bachata events or bachata classes? Contact us for answers!


David Code, Google 5-Star Review

I am a travel writer who has visited more than 100 countries, including social dance events in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and Mexico. Mike Galindo's event, Bachata Nights, stands out for one reason in particular: the "ambiente."

Mike is a man of authenticity who genuinely lives his mission to transform the world through dance. He brings in incredible teachers like Daniel Castillo to teach lessons before the social dancing, and it really sets the stage for an evening of joy and friendliness as we dancing addicts get our "fix" together.

There are many social dance events in the Bay Area, but I always make sure to mark my calendar for Mike's, because I know that I will meet like-minded people who share my love of dance, and of building community.

In my opinion, Mike is the king of building community.


Rhazel Qizilbash, Google 5-Star Review

If you’re learning to dance bachata, San Jose Bachata Nights is where you’ll feel most comfortable. Want to hear the latest and greatest bachata music? You’ll find that here too! I started this dance style in Sept 2021 and have been addicted ever since. I’ve hopped around clubs and socials from SF to the South Bay Area…SJBN is where I felt like people really are there to dance (as opposed to feeling like I have entered a meat market packed with wolves). At SJBN, DJ Magic Mike and his crew make you feel welcome. Don’t be shy to make a song request or ask for a dance. You will enjoy it…and maybe learn some new moves! Sometimes there’s even a bit of entertainment from a performing group. And those performers stay to dance as well! So you’ll find every level of dancer from beginner to teacher with all one thing in common - love for bachata.


Shell, Google 5-Star Review

I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with Bachata when I first came here a few weeks ago!
The atmosphere, the people and of course the amazing instructor Mike are all so welcoming.
The music is great! The studio is clean and exceptionally spacious. I love being around such a friendly, supportive, and diverse community!

My favorite thing about Mike's classes is that he GENUINELY cares about his students' success. His attention to detail, musicality and positive nature make him such a pleasure to work with. 💛
Also S/O to the security guard LOL he’s an amazing dancer too! 🤭 AND Eva & Sally make it so easy to follow along
I love coming here! :) 10/10

Young Dancers


Bachata, a popular genre of music and dance from the Dominican Republic, has been gaining in popularity across the United States and the world. Here is a quick history of how bachata all began.


Bachata began and was shaped in the bars and brothels of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in the first half of the 20th century. Bachata is a unique and deeply passionate style of music that originated in the Dominican Republic. Bachata music is a fusion of southwestern European influences, mainly Spanish guitar music (borrowed from Bolero and Tango) with indigenous Taino and Sub-Saharan African musical elements, representative of the cultural diversity of the Dominican population. The bachata dance is an integral part of this music, and is typically performed very close to one's partner, with exaggerated hip movements and sensual body language. Bachata classes are offered at many dance studios around the world, and provide a fun and invigorating way to learn this popular style of dance.

This popular guitar music sounds much different today than it did in the early days of the genre. 


The guitar and guitar music like bolero and son were popular in the brothels and in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. The music industry, at the time, was monopolized by the country’s dictator Rafael Trujillo and his family. Because of this, the local guitar music wasn’t allowed to be played on the radio or in clubs. So, this leaves us with two possibilities for how bachata came to be. 


One story says that a young guitar player, Jose Manuel Calderon, who worked in one of these bars, created bachata as an antidote to homesickness. He was from Spain and missed Spanish guitar music. As he tried to imitate this sound on his acoustic guitar, bachata was born. 


Another story suggests that bachata developed out of a need for people to have something to dance to in these bars since bolero wasn’t allowed to be played publicly. This explanation makes sense when you look at how bachata is danced today with close partners holding each other close as they move their hips side to side/back and forth. Whatever the story is, we do know that bachata was created in these bars as working-class entertainment for locals looking for a good time away from home.                                                                                                                                                                            


Throughout its history, bachata has continuously evolved. In the 1970s-1980s, Juan Luis Guerra popularized Bachata with a modern twist by adding Merengue elements and electric instruments like synthesizers which increased its appeal to a wider audience. In the 1990s Romeo Santos infuses R&B sounds into Bachata giving it an international feel. And most recently in Bachata Urbana (or urban bachata), artists are adding sub-genres such as hip hop, Reggaeton & Pop sounds. This new style is very popular among young people around Latin America & The USA. Today there are many different styles of Bachata being danced all over Latin America & the world. And it's only continuing to grow!  



Bachata has come a long way since it was first created in the bars and brothels of Santo Domingo in the early 20th century. What started as working-class entertainment has evolved into a hugely popular genre of music and dance enjoyed by people all over Latin America and the world. If you're looking to try something new, why not give bachata a try? You might just find yourself addicted!

Interested in learning more? Check out our "History of Bachata" page!


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